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Our Regenesis products all contain vitamin K2-MK4, also known as menatetrenone.  When it is used properly, K2-MK4 can help to facilitate improved restorative processes throughout the body.  As a critical activator of enzymatic and metabolic function, K2-MK4 is involved with many key functions in the body. 

One of the best-studied functions of K2-MK4 is to provide for healthy calcium metabolism.  While calcium metabolism is important for the well-known growth functions of bones and teeth, vitamin K2-MK4 is also key to large numbers of other important roles in physiology.  A few examples are nerve, brain, cardiovascular, hormone, endocrine, immune, blood sugar, and skin functions.

K2-MK4 does not work by itself, however.  It needs a host of other nutrients to be effectively utilized in the body.  Approximately 96% of adults in modern westernized societies are thought to be deficient of menatetrenone, or other nutrients needed for it to operate effectively.  Commonly, people also need sources of Magnesium, A, C and D.  This is not an exhaustive set, however.  Boron, Zinc, Copper and Omega-3 fats also play important roles, as do many B vitamins. The best way to make sure MK4 works properly is to eat a nutrient dense diet. Also consider our the full Regenesis Protocol to fill in the micronutrients more difficult to obtain in sufficient quantity through diet alone.

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